City of Hayden Business Licensing System

After two decades of rapid growth, the City of Hayden has changed from a small rural community into a city of nearly 14,000 people with a wide variety of commercial and industrial business activities. As a result of this growth, there is a need to better understand the City's business base for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to: emergency response, infrastructure needs, enhancing economic development opportunities to attract more high quality jobs, and for other similar purposes. To address this need, the City Council has adopted a business licensing program and businesses are required to be licensed with the City. 

Who this applies to
All persons and entities that are engaged in business activities within Hayden city limits, including those coming inside the city to perform work, sales, or services. The licensing requirement also applies to in-home businesses.

For more information, please contact us at (208) 209-2022 or

Links to more information:
Frequently Asked Questions
Business License Ordinance

Clicking on the link for each of the actions below will display the information input form and action button for taking you to the next step in the process.

Businesses contacted by letter
If you have recieved a letter from the City of Hayden with your Temporary Business ID and PIN number,
please enter those numbers in the boxes below to proceed to the next step in the licensing process.


New Businesses
If you have not yet contacted the City of Hayden regarding a Business License Application,
but would like to begin the Application process, please create a new Business Contact record,
and then proceed with completing the License Application pages.

Businesses Renewing their License
Business Licenses expire on December 1st, and should be renewed on or before December 1st for the next year.
If you are renewing your license, please enter your enter your PIN Number and your most recent Business License Number below,
and click the Renewal License button below to update your license information and make payment arrangements.

If you did not receive a licensing letter or if you would like to make your application in person or via an alternate method, please contact the City at:

Department of Community and Economic Development
8930 N. Government Way
Hayden, Idaho  83835
(208) 209-2022

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